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Characters (in order of appearance)

GENIE – all-powerful, fast-talking wisecracker and prisoner of the lamp ENSEMBLE – includes AGRABAHNS, the citizens of Agrabah; Genie’s magical ENSEMBLE in “Friend Like Me;” and Prince Ali’s ENTOURAGE
– charismatic, poor street urchin; longs to make his mother proud BABKAK, OMAR, and KASSIM – Aladdin’s devoted and penniless pals JASMINE – Princess of Agrabah; craves the freedom to make her own choices SULTAN – warmhearted ruler of Agrabah

JAFAR – the Sultan’s villainous Grand Vizier
IAGO – Jafar’s lackey; always over-eager to assist in an evil plan
SHOP OWNER – marketplace vendor from whom Aladdin steals bread RAZOUL – head of the guards
GUARDS (2) – work for Razoul
BEGGARS (3) – hungry Agrabahns in the marketplace
APPLE VENDOR – a merchant in the marketplace
FORTUNE TELLER – unintentionally helps Aladdin escape form the guards ATTENDANTS (2) – accompany Prince Abdullah on his journey to Agrabah PRINCE ABDULLAH – one of Princess Jasmine’s arrogant suitors
ISIR, MANAL, and RAJAH – Jasmine’s loyal, encouraging attendants SPOOKY VOICE – reveals the location of the lamp
CAVE OF WONDERS – voice of the magical cave; declares Aladdin to be the “Diamond in the Rough”