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Next Generation Parish

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Our work as a Next Generation Parish soon will enter its third of four phases. The Implementation phase is two years in length that will bring to reality the priorities and goals of the Envisioning Team (phase two) that were gleaned from the information you, our parishioners, provided on the Disciple Maker Index (phase one). The Implementation Team will be tasked with bringing these priorities into reality. 

Creating an Enriching and Meaningful Worship Experience

The rationale for this priority is to emphasize an understanding of faith, creating a welcoming environment, and introducing unique worship experiences that will help parishioners to meditate upon the meaning of Eucharist and respond to the invitation for discipleship. Furthermore, this priority acknowledges the many social aspects of worship such as from being received upon entry into the worship space to deepening occasions for communal engagement after the liturgy. 

Growing Parish Discipleship

The rationale for this priority finds its source in John 13 – The Washing of the Feet. Jesus gives himself for the life of the Church and he mandates his followers to serve in remembrance of him. This priority challenges us to embrace our Baptismal responsibility as servant leaders, This priority also affords us the opportunity to strengthen our ministry programs and define new programs where all members of the parish are encouraged to exercise their talents to meet the various needs of our parishioners and our community. 

Growing Holiness 

The rationale for this priority is based upon the courage and confidence of St. Paul at the conclusion of the Acts of the Apostles. As a Church we are asked to inspire people to reawaken the passion for the faith as the foundation for their life. This priority seeks to remind us that opportunities for grace and holiness can be found in acts of devotion, prayer experiences, and deepening our comprehension of the Sacraments and the beautiful depth of their significance for our faith life. 

Some of the goals identified through these priorities will be realized in the short term. Others will be achieved through the work of an Implementation Team whose membership will be confirmed during this summer. The Implementation Team, once established, will unfold the priorities’ associated goals throughout the next two years. 

As we look forward to these ideas being brought to fruition, I would like to thank the following members of our Envisioning Team who, for the last seven months, have diligently worked to bring your vision for our parish to fulfillment. I have been privileged to accompany these talented individuals during this process. They indeed are representative of the creativity we are blessed with our parishioners here at Our Lady of Peace. Thanks and God Bless you.

Jackie Basquill, Dennis Drass, Liz Dwyer, Andrew Knob, Rich McKinney, Lauralee Ryder, Sue Southwick, Peg Tomassetti, Nicole Truitt, Deacon Bill

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